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Do You Need a Music Attorney?

Here is an article on the general services that I perform as music attorney, and some reasons why I encourage young bands and musicians to form a relationship with a music attorney early in their career.



This article is just a very brief overview of what royalties are and how they are calculated.


How to Get a Record Deal

After numerous questions about shopping demos and how to get a record deal, I thought I would put together a short page of some sure fire methods to get yourself, or your band, signed to a major label recording contract.


Band Partnership Agreements

I have been asked afew times why a band needs a partnership agreement. Here are a few of my thoughts on how a band partnership agreement can help you.


Registering the Copyrights for Your Music

I have had a few short questions recently about copyright registration which prompted this very short article on the subject.


How to Avoid Construction Claims (No Construction Claims - Guaranteed!)

In December 2009, Sol Kutner and I wrote an article for ForensisGroup regarding the need for good documentation in construction projects. In light of a few recent projects that were vastly underwhelming in the available project documents to support the Contractor's claims, I thought it was a good time to revisit the article and publish the updated version here.


Should California Legalize Online Gambling?

A few months ago, I was offered a few hundred dollars to add a link on one of my websites to an online poker site. They were willing to pay even more money if I was willing to write the page of text in which the link would be located. I was not interested and they so naturally they offered more money.

The result was a spark in my interest about the current state of laws regarding online gambling. I spent some time reading about it and put together this short article.


Glossary of Legal Terms Commonly Used in the Music Industry

Several years ago I started a project putting together this glossary of legal terms used in construction claims and dispute resolution. I still update it from time to time, but overall not much of the language in construction disputes has changed over the past 25 years. I thought it would be intersting to put up a similar page here and focus on the Music Industry. This will likely start small and grow significantly.



This is a page with a few links to a variety of interesting sites. I don't really have much to say about them, they are generally directory sites that require a reciprocal link before I can place my site in their directory. If I come up with additional actually interesting sites related to music law I will add them, make a clear distinction on the page which links I like and which I could care less about, and will post an updated description here.





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